Springfield Hellcat For Sale



 Springfield Hellcat For sale.

Springfield  Hellcat for sale. The 9MM Springfield Armory is the highest capacity micro 9mm in the world. IT now offered in the Rapid Defense Package configuration. Paired with a  micro red dot

Adaptive Grip Texture of Springfield Hellcat

Springfield  Hellcat for sale. Another really important feature that Springfield Armory says they have developed is the adaptive grip texturing on the Hellcat 9mm. Actually a pressure activated design, with the first layer being smooth when you run your hands over it. This is possible because when you look at the grip under a magnifying glass, you’ll see they are actually flattened off. This means when you conceal the weapon, it won’t catch on your clothing, and the grip won’t feel abrasive in any noticeable way.


The Springfield Hellcat proved its mettle previously in a 10,000 round test. Now, Paul Carlson, owner of Safety Solutions Academy, has taken that same exact pistol (serial # AT234795) and pushed it to 20,000 rounds! With support from Federal Ammunition and Action Target, Carlson and a team of shooters proved the Hellcat’s extreme durability and reliability for a pistol of its size. Every round is captured on video as the Hellcat topples yet another milestone.

Made for self defense

Springfield  Hellcat for sale. Some s features have been added to the Hellcat 9mm.

which shows how much thought has gone into making this pistol ideal for CCW and self-defense in modern times.


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