9MM 124GR X-DEF Black Nickel Brass

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Buy blackrambo ammo online. 9MM 124GR X-DEF Black Nickel Brass Casings | 20 RDS BOX Visit $24.99 USD* · Brand: Black Rambo Ammo HOME DEFENSE / DUTY / CARRY, BALLISTIC DATA:, HPJ / 20 ROUNDS PER BOX, Muzzle Velocity: 1105 fps, Muzzle Energy: 336 ft. lbs., 50 yd Velocity: …


X-DEF – a personal defense round designed to break the mold but not your wallet.

Moly Coated Brass Case (Improves with case feeding and ejection)

Engineered from the ground up with optimum penetration and weight retention in mind. The X-DEF projectile features penetration of 12-18” in Clear Ballistic Gelatin. With at least 99% weight retention, X-DEF is one of the BEST performing personal defense projectiles available today.

But to break the mold we had to go one step further. Personal defense ammunition is conventionally packaged in 20 or 25 count boxes. Freedom Munitions X-DEF however is packaged in 50 count boxes -but at the same price levels you’re used to paying for the competitions old 20 or 25 count boxes.

Better projectile, better performance, and better value.

1 box contains 20 Rounds.

Ballistic Data

  • Muzzle Velocity: 1105 fps
  • Muzzle Energy: 336 ft. lbs.
  • 50yd Velocity: 1012 fps
  • 50yd Energy: 282 ft. lbs.

10 Packs, 20 Packs, 30 Packs, 40 Packs

1 review for 9MM 124GR X-DEF Black Nickel Brass

  1. Denzel

    I really appreciate this BlackRambo 9mm ammo. I’ll be looking forward to order the next 1000 boxes as we discussed last time.

    • admin

      thanks for the support

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